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    I've never used phantom power so i cannot help you with that.

    Everything plugs into the mixer not the mixer plugs into things :d

    The main powers source is normally the mains power, battery powered and sometimes you can get passive mixers which means they don't use any at all.

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    so okay. i'v got my mixer got my mics and guitars and monitors plugged into the mixer. now where would i go from this ?? to get this working with my pc ? or will i need a audio interface aswell as the mixer? thanks

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    Headphones out -------- Monitoring headphones
    Output L ----------------+
                             |--------------input (soundcard)
    Output R ----------------+

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    thank you. since all of this i have bought my gear. i have a mixer,mic,refrence monitors and a usb audio interface. my MAIN question is i am having trouble i have hooked up my mic to the mixer along with my speakers. to get the mixer working with the computer i must hook up the CD/TAPE ins and outputs to the usb interface and then the interface to my pc great. BUT i have hooked my cables up to the interface in the correct way and have tried all other ways aswell and no luck because it seems there is no signal going in and out but i belive that i am doing somethign wrong because the cables and all of the gear is brand new and i do not think it is faulty. maybe its my setting on my computer? but i have installed all of the drivers correctly. All i basically want to to is when the mic is in use for the vocals to be sent to the pc to be reocrded on my software. but i doint know what i am doing wrong. can anybody help please??? Also could anybody tell me in simple terms what and how the MAIN OUT section of the mixer does please. could this section be any help to me connecting the mixer with the pc?? The interface i am using is the EDIROL UA-1EX USB AUDIO INTERFACE. Thank you very much

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