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    Tripod Tracking Dolly

    Hi everyone,

    Just thought I would share this idea for a tracking dolly I made a few months ago, its ideal for low budget film-makers. The base is big enough to fit a camera stand and one person on, it can take a lot of weight, other ideas seem to lack strength.
    There are many ideas very similar to this one, but have a look and see what you think.


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    Hi Tom

    Very neat!!
    On my own design, I found that the base was a bit on the heavy side so I used the rigidity of a triangular aluminium box section to give me a dolly base that I can lift with one finger and it still easily supports 100kg++

    Take a look at my link below..very simple to build and will run on pipes from 16mm upwards (I use the frame of an old gazebo as the pipes neatly clip into one another)

    BTW : Is the wedding trailer yours???? nice job!!


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    Hi Chris,

    Thanks very much,

    I really like your design, looks strong and very light, a disadvantage on mine would definitely be the weight of the base especially when someone is standing on it, I would struggle to lift it with one finger. I also like your idea of the old gazebo pipes, joining the pipes I use wouldn't be as smooth as that.

    Thanks for the comment on the wedding trailer, I filmed that wedding in the summer, it was a lovely day and the footage came out really nice. Do you film many weddings?


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    Hi Tom

    Usually around 36 in the season..I try not to overwork!!!! (That's sorta August thru to May) We have a wet Winter here so June and July weddings are rare...quite the opposite for you of course!!

    I certainly have enough problems with gear weight as it is and I admit that I don't use the dolly at weddings!!! I have the main cam on a tripod at the ceremony and then use the 2nd camera on my Steadicam for B-Roll shots and during the photoshoot/preparations etc etc. As it is I have 2 shoulder mount cams in cases on one trolley and a bag on wheels with the lights, tripods and stuff in it. It's not fun dragging 2 trolleys around in a Stedicam Vest!!!!! (have to make a 2nd trip from the car for the light boxes for the reception lighting!!)


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    Hi Chris,

    36 in a season is good going.

    I understand your issues with gear weight, I have the same problem, but I normally have a freelance cameraman with me so its not too bad. I always like to have someone keeping an eye on the gear, iv heard many horror stories of people stealing stuff and I really wouldn't want that to happen.
    I don't use the dolly at weddings either, it would be too much hassle dragging that around, your steadicam would do a great job for on the move shoots, definitely something I plan to invest in next year sometime.


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    Hi Tom

    It's always a concern and I'm happiest when everything is with me, or if I'm at the photoshoot, the car is within sight. A big camera on the rear seat is too much of a temptation!!!

    My actual wedding website is at :

    But I only do wedding videos in and around Perth, Western Australia, of course!!

    Does SummerIsle have a website????


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    Hi Chris,

    Really nice website you got there, I especially like the pitfalls page, you put across some good points on there.

    My website is feel free to have a browse, I have lots of things still to upload and improve, but Im so busy at the moment its difficult to find the time.


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    Hi Tom

    You have a great site! Nice and informative and easy to browse. The only difference with me is that I have my wedding site and business video sites apart to avoid confusion!!

    On the business site I do mainly Realty and Resort promos plus a bunch of other video production stuff too... there is, of course a link to the wedding site if someone strays too far!! You are welcome to take a look.


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    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the comments on my website.

    I see what you mean about keeping the sites separate, Im starting to wish I had done the same when I had started.

    The video samples on your site are really good, I need to get round to adding some more on mine.


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    Hi Tom

    You should consider using Dave's MCMediaPlayer that he has here!! It is the best!!!! As far as I know it's the only player than can handle multiple videos and is highly customisable!!! Dave also goes out of his way to help with problems!!

    I had to split my site up as it just got too big!! I have since done another trim and discarded stuff that wasn't getting me anywhere like doing VHS to DVD transfers..more trouble than they are worth!!!


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