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    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for alerting me to Dave's MCMediaPlayer, Ill definitely look into it, sounds good.

    I understand you discarding the video to DVD transfers, I have to say its my least favorite service I offer, very time consuming, especially when I get cinefilm to convert.


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    Hi Tom

    Plenty of people here had VHS or movie 8mm film that they wanted on DVD but they honestly expect a miracle!! They offer you old mouldy film with the emulsion eaten away and get upset when it doesn't look like HD !!! I have a guy down the road who does it at prices that I don't think allow him to make a profit so I send any enquiries to him!!

    Let us know when you update your site again


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    Hey thanks Tom for sharing the video - nice work! And thanks Chris too
    Dave Owen

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    awesome website!

    wow chris just wanted to say that your website is awesome!! i am gonna start building some of those rigs right away!

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    Quote: SummerIsle Studios
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    Hi everyone,

    Just thought I would share this idea for a tracking dolly I made a few months ago, its ideal for low budget film-makers. The base is big enough to fit a camera stand and one person on, it can take a lot of weight, other ideas seem to lack strength.
    There are many ideas very similar to this one, but have a look and see what you think.

    good idea!

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