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    two way speaker?

    I allways wondered what is the difference between a 2 way speaker and 3 way speaker.?...
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    It's very difficult, if not impossible, to design a high-power speaker where a single driver handles the entire range of bass, midrange and treble frequencies. So speaker systems typically divide the frequency range into two or three ranges.

    In a two way speaker, there are two kinds of drivers - a woofer for low frequencies and another driver for mid and high frequencies, usually a horn in live-reinforcement speakers. The dividing line might be 2kHz. Frequencies below 2kHz are routed to the woofer; frequencies above 2kHz are routed to the mid/tweeter. In the "crossover" region around 2kHz, both woofer and tweeter get some of the energy.

    In a three way speaker there are separate low, mid and high frequency drivers. Typical crossover frequencies might be 500Hz and 4kHz.


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