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    Streaming and Http streaming

    Hi, I went through the tutorial you have provide to make the video streaming.
    Is this examples shown for media file streaming ,quick time, real and mpeg4
    are http streaming or the streaming files?
    Is the example you have shown in each one an streming one or httpstreaming?

    Is it like when stremaing server is present the service providers give more controls on the video and in the case of just http streaming, we can just pause, stop play etc?

    Please specify the clear difference say now i have a file Test.X. What difference it makes in the case of http streaming and streaming server is involved? is the difference only the more funcitonality and control that that the streaminf server provide?

    Also all the video file formats are streaming or only specific formats?

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    There is no clear difference between having a streamed file from your localhost, and having a dedicated streaming server.

    The main advantage of having a dedicated server in place is performance, you should also consider that streaming requires quite a bit of bandwidth.

    The play, stop, pause, and seek buttons are better described as GUI controls, and these can easily be programmed using Flash Actionscript.

    Often you will find that videos are included into another file anyway, to solve a problem in IE where it needs to download the entire file before it starts playing. It would be obvious to take advantage of this by making the GUI controls in the "player.swf", since including it in each seperate movie would be very time consuming if you got a lot of movies.

    Dedicated servers are still rather expensive, so i wouldn't get into that. Atleast not when we got sites like YouTube, which allows us to upload videos for free.

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    Actually there might be some more benefits, but as i understand it, using the http protocol is just as good, and you will even be able to do the same server-side as you would having a streaming server in place.

    Such as detecting the users connection speed, and even broadcast live events, see also:

    Having a dedicated server use the http protocol will generally enable you to do the same, so its still unclear to me what the benefits from using RTMP for instance might be. Maybe the benefit are, not having to develop your own.


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