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    Mutually Benefitial

    It's nice to be a part of this forum, I liked to join this group becuase I see many threads that seem to be written by younger students of Media, I have been in this industry for over 20 years & would like to know how some of you would deal with issues at hand. I hope this will be mutually beneficial.

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    Welcome! As you well know, there are always a wide variety of issues on hand. Some of us do write about what we're seeing on occasion; I tend to write some of my issues on my own site, some here, some in both places.
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    Hi there, proprint1, I trust your sharing and experience will be of value to all and all in MC. Welcome again.
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    Hi, welcome along proprint1. Nice to have you here - we're always keen to see new people with experience. Hope it can indeed be mutually beneficial.
    Dave Owen

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