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    Free website translation – thoughts please??


    I’ve come across a tool to add to sites I do that translates everything free (, only downside is a link back to the providing site – that I can see of anyway?? Anybody used it or know how good it is??

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    My choice of free web translators are: and

    they both have served all right for me..
    - kunter ilalan web designer
    follow him on twitter and on MediaCollege

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    google also have this one..
    I have used Google Translate before and it is very good and easy to use.
    Good luck

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    I personally am not a fan of their translator. The server is often slow (many online translators are). Instead, I prefer It doesn't suffer from slow down because it basically combines all online translators into one tool. Also, it tracks translation statistics for your website so you can see which languages your pages are translated the most. All of this is combined into one small button. I really like it a lot.

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    u may use this or google translator wich is also very good and used by many
    hope it helped u !

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    Hey everyone. I am launching a website translation service called SWeTE (Simple Website Translation Engine) and am looking for beta testers. This service allows you to convert your website into multiple languages by adding a tiny snippet of HTML to your website. Translation can be performed by machine or by human. You can do the translations yourself or hire a professional translator. The service notifies you when changes are made (that require retranslation) and clearly marks the parts that need to be retranslated.

    Basic accounts are free, but include a small text ad on your site. Premium accounts will be under $9/mo. Beta testers will get free premium accounts for their sites if they like.

    Watch a demo video at

    -Steve Hannah
    Web Lite Translation Corp.


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