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    Banners, Headers, & Titles of website: How to share it among all the pages?


    I'm creating a website and I've ended up with about 10 pages. Each page has the websites name and something like a banner/header. I've entered the banner/header for each page. So if I decide to make any changes, I'll have to change all 10! Is there anyother way that I can do this? Maybe by creating it separately and entering it in the page through a link or something...?? I'm quite new ...

    I would appreciate if anyone could help me out on this,


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    Hi Sonya,

    There are several ways to do this. I like server side includes (SSI) but you can do the same thing with PHP. BTW our SSI page mentions that you usually need to change the file extensions, however here's a fairly easy way around this. SSI requires an Apache server.

    Various web development tools have their own methods of doing this as well, for example, Dreamweaver uses a "Library" system that does the same thing as SSI.
    Dave Owen


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