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    Help!I need a new HD camcorder?

    I need to aquire a HD camcorder,currently I use a Sony DCR-32 its good enough though but i need an upgrade for semi-proffessional video work .My Budget is around 800US (max).
    Any advice out there guys?
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    Hi Steve_Arts -
    Do you want technical advice, purchase advise or experience advise?

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    Quote: steve_arts
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    semi-proffessional video work
    My Budget is around 800US (max)
    These two tend not to work well together.
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    Hi Steve
    For that budget you may get a domestic Sony or Panasonic that can achieve an HD image but the old saying is true. "You only get what you pay for" AVCHD HD cameras can be found now a little over your budget BUT you have to realise that to edit the footage you need a Quad Core computer with a really top graphics card!! That will more than likely cost you more than the camera!!!

    Also bear in mind that to actually create and play an HD clip you need a BluRay burner in your computer to create it and a BluRay disk player and HD TV to watch it so you can then add another few thousand dollars!!!

    Going to HD is a LOT more than just an HD camera!!!


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    That's a good point Chris about the computer. I was amazed at how difficult AVCHD is to work with, although I haven't yet tried to use proxy files - that could be an acceptable workaround.

    In any case Steve I think you'll need to look for extra finance if you want to do it properly. Under normal circumstances I'd say that if you're confident about your business plan and can back it up, you should hit up the bank for a loan. At the moment though, I'm not sure what your chances will be like

    What about hiring equipment for now? Would that be an option?
    Dave Owen

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