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    rendering to DVD in adobe premiere

    Is there anyone who can tell me how to render for DVD.When I'm ready to render, I go to file>>export>>movie, the I click the filename.hit save and a box comes up that says"Rendering". It does it's thing and then every things back to normal.exept that the file extension still says"project" instead of avi.What am I doing wrong or not doing?

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    Which version of Premiere are you using?

    In PPRO CS3, exporting in the way you describe creates an AVI file. Make a note of the exact location and file name and double check - it should be there after rendering is complete. If not, there's a problem.

    Also make sure you have the right palette selected when you export. If you're exporting the timeline (as opposed to a single file) you'll need the timeline to be the active palette.

    Of course this only creates an AVI file which then needs to be turned into a DVD, which is what Encore does. You could instead export directly to Encore from Premiere by selecting File > Export > Export to Encore.

    PPRO CS4 handles all this a bit differently - you can export to Encore without having to render first (yay!). Select File > Adobe Dynamic Link > Send to Encore.
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