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Thread: live recording

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    live recording

    hi all, can anyone tell me how i would rig up a system to record a band live, using a 12 channel mixer plus an 8 track (8 simultanious recording) digital recorder ?

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    Wow, that's a big question. It's not something that can easily be answered in a simple forum message but I'll have a think and get back to you. In the meantime it might make it easier to answer if you could tell me a bit about the band lineup. How many instruments, vocalists, etc? What sort of music? Are you recording a live gig or is this a private live recording session?
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    live recording

    hi dave, probably 4 vocals,bass,2 guitars,drums & poss keys or accordian.
    would want to try a live gig at some stage but a private one to start with.
    I think i would need some kind of splitter to connect all the mikes from the mixer to the recorder, is that right ?

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    There are a couple of ways to tackle this issue. You can use direct outs from the console of they are present to feed the recorder, but any fader movements and EQ adjustments will be on the recording. I am not saying this is a bad thing, but you need to be aware that levels going to tape will be affected by your fader and EQ movements. The other way to do this is to split the signal from the mics to two seperate consoles (either by using individual splitters on each channel or by using a snake made for this purpose) [if you are using condensor mics, only use one console to supply phantom power NOT BOTH!!]. One console will control the live mix for the audience while the other console will strictly be for recording. Another way to do this is to use an aux send from your live console to feed the recorder, but I bet you won't have enough aux sends to feed an 8 channel mixer. This is a good way to record to stereo if you want to though. Just use to aux channels to feed a recorder. I hope this helps. Let me know if you need some further clarification.

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    live recording

    thanks for that, i have an old studiomaster 16-8 recording desk ipicked up somewhere ! would i be able to make use of that in any way ?

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    juz use an alesis

    get the amount of inputs u want

    n ur fine

    hook up a lap top usb n click record

    n send the outs to the speakers for the audience to hear

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    Mix separately if you can, otherwise hope that the audience mix is good enough. If you can run auxs live along with the live faders, go for it.
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    if the mixer u use is firewire instead of usb, it will send all the tracks seperately to the computer, so u can remix later

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    Just to throw in my 5 cents worth. I'd go with the firewire mixer. Plus I always rig up a couple of condensers on high stands at live shows to get some ambient sound too. You may not want to use them but it's always better to have too much than not enough and have to fake it later.

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    You can plug all your instuments/vocals into the Studiomaster, then use the 8 recording outs to go to your 8-track. Your drums would have to be assigned to one track, as well as maybe a few of the vocals or the guitars. You wouldn't be able to remix these later. The recording outs are controled by the 8 bus sends. The live mix would be controled by the faders. The laptop idea is better. everything can have its own track. you would still be able to have a separate mix for the PA.
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