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    Need some suggestions on video player

    ..i have some .avi/.wmv/.mpeg videos, I also have a website but I don/t know how to upload these videos to my websiste. My friends said that I should have a flash video player on my site and put all these videos to the flash video player but I’ m a totally newbie on this issue. After some searching I found this program.

    My problem is that
    Has anyone ever heard of thsis program – Moyea Web Player Pro? Or this brand? I find it interesting and basically satisfy my requirments but I haven’t decided to buy it. Need some advice.

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    i used Moyea Web Player Pro and i found it really great..i would highly recommend you

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    I can't comment on Moyea except to say that I haven't heard anything bad about it. However I do think it would be worth trying some of the free players out there first, including of course opur own MC Media Player.
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    I tried Moyea Web Player. I used the free version. It's easy to use and works well.

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    you can get alot of FLV players, just search on google free flv players.
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    i'm using flowplayer which is free and great! you can google it

    ps: but it only support flv file. but, mostly, flv is the best format for online playing because of its smaller size and quicker buffering speed.


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