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Thread: RCA's to XLR

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    RCA's to XLR

    Hi All.
    First this is my first post and I hope this is the correct way doing it.
    My inquery is as:
    I have a Zoom MRS-1608 which I use at presentations (speach only) and recording of same.
    I have been to a few events where I have to use a inhouse speaker system and the connection have been XLR. My output from the Zoom is RCA's L+R and my question is:

    the connection shown on MEDIA COLLEGE - - will it be ok having the sound comming form the RCA's (mono / stereo) to the XLR?

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    No. Your outputs are -10dBu line level and the inputs are most likely Mic Level (around -50 dBu). Is there an auxiliary input or a house mixer with line inputs mayhaps?
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    i would think that they'd have a line input but if they dont then you could use a line level to mic level converted

    have a look at


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