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    HD in Premeire very jumpy

    Hello. I am working with HD for the first time (1080i). I imported the footage using VLC and used the "Dump raw input" mode. This gave me a file without an extention. I then renamed the file to xxxxx.AVI

    I then took the footage to a machine with Premeire Pro 3.0. Created a 1080i @ 25FPS and imported the footage. The problem is that it's so slow skipping frames when playing... Even where I have rendered a small piece of the sequence it plays slow, not as slow, but still skips frames.

    The machine I am using is a 64 bit Quad Core 2.4GHz with plenty of RAM so that shouldnt be the issue. And the video is saved on a local 7500RPM SATA drive. The machine is running Vista 64 bit, maybe it's VIsta or the 64bit thing that's causing the problem??

    Any ideas anyone??

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    I'd uninstall vista and put on 32bit xp. you don't have to but i've been told many time that it works better.

    how much ram do you have on your graphic card?
    I'd reccomend getting something like this

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    What's your video card? Are you playing at 100% size or scaled?
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    It might be Premiere thinks it's SD footage so I'd try changing the .avi extension to .mpg which is the usual extension for 1080i footage. Other than that I'd say you haven't imported the footage correctly to begin with

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