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    Premiere problems

    These are some things I have'nt figured out how to do in adobe premiere Pro CS3
    1) Moving clips around in the timeline
    2)Doing an insert edit.I choose my clip in the source window,position the CTI between two clips, and hit the "Insert"button in the source window,but nothing happens. It's the same thing when I try to drag and drop a clip from somewhere else in the timeline
    3)Fades.I cant find a simple Fade-in or fade-out. the closest thing i can find is the dip to black or white.Also,how do I change the duration of an effect or transition?
    4)adding text and titles
    5)changing the audio track on a clip without changing the video,or vice-versa.
    Iv'e been to Premiere's help section for each of these topics,but its too vague. I hope someone out there can enlighten me on any or all of these.Thanx

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    These are fairly straightforward operations so I'm not sure why you seem to be having these problems. This may help:

    1. Simply select the piece you want to move with your mouse and keep the button held down. The clip should move with the mouse movements up and down the timeline.

    2. Not too sure from what you've said but maybe you need to ensure your timeline is selected as the active window.

    3. Use a crossfade. Simply add it to the start or end of the clip and it will become a fade in or fade out. Once on the timeline it acts as any clip so you can drag the corners in the timeline to lengthen or shorten it or double click on it so it appears in the viewer window and you can specify a duration. Alternatively you can create a fade in or fade out using opacity keyframes.

    4. Go to File --> New --> Title which will bring up the text generator window. Once you have created a title it will appear in your project window and you can treat it as any other clip.

    5. Right click on the track and select 'unlink'. This will enable you to change either the video or audio independently for a combined clip you've added to the timeline.

    Good luck

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