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    I have taped Mini DV and on mac using i movie i want to edit it for a documentary. Please help me with simple step. such as what format i have to save the footage in and some more editing skill. like how i can copy the al audio from it etc.

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    Hi there... Sorry I replied to your former post on the lobby... so now I know what you meant.

    You can go to and They are very helpful sites for starters.

    Just a note about video and audio settings. You have to read what kind of entries you can submit the final cut in (usually it is either a mini-DV or a DVD. Not sure if they have hit the Blu-ray. Either way the mac's not on Blu-ray if you have purchased stock). You have to import either DV-PAL / NTSC (Depending which system your country uses) and for audio, 48,000k is it. Apart from that, I think it is okay.

    If you need other help or have difficulty accessing the sites mentioned, post again and I'll give more details.

    Have fun!

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