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    Hi NVM

    Take a look at this Blues Band filmed using just one AG-DVC20 camera!!

    This will give you a rough idea of how the cam performs in low light


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    I'm not sure about HD but the HDV I'm using now gives decent nightshots, even at 12dB gain (3 x 1/4" CMOS chips). Certainly I do agree that the spaced pixels help in getting 'more light'.

    I like that concert shots, and knowing performances, they do put up very heavy duty lights. That helps an extremely great deal so that the camera does not go into higher gain factors. I am intending to move to the Panny for the next phase (digital).
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore

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    Panasonic AG DVC 20

    I took you advise and put the camera in manual mode and switched to scene and found the low light icon.

    Went out in the dark with very little light and it seems to do ok, had the on camera attached but did not use it wanted to see what all it did.

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    Hi MVN

    The low light preset is good but not perfect!! The best is FULL manual.

    Switch the cam to Manual and then press the "down" button and your shutter speed will appear on the LCD or EVF

    Then push the "down" button again and the cam will adjust the iris for best results and show you the gain and iris value. Leave it there!! and then if you want a little more or a little less gain, use the "left" or "right" button ... in this situation you are in FULL manual mode.

    If you go back to normal lighting you need to either use the "down" button to scroll thru the options again so the exposure can be reset or just switch back to "Auto" on the auto/manual switch


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    Hi Nagar

    Information from you is always worth reading as you have tons of experience!!

    I have two issues with HD/HDV !! Firstly there seems to be less and less tape based systems left. AVCHD recorded on SD cards is fine BUT if a card becomes corrupt you lose everything!! Also the bitrate is still pretty low on SD card cameras (around 13mps compared to 25mps for tape)
    SD Cards (decent ones) cost around $400 for a 32GB card ..that's high media costs if you want to keep raw footage and the Panasonic P2 cards are even more crazy in price!!!!

    With AVCHD you need a really fast computer to edit this stuff... I use a P4 single core 1.7GB machine to edit tape based SD video but for AVCHD you are looking at a quad core 2.5GHZ as minimum and you also need a HUGE graphics card to preview it!!!

    My second issue is with the fact that HD cameras seem to be moving from 3 x CCD's to 1 x CMOS chip...they are supposed to create "image smear" in low light. Know anything about this?????

    Your valueable input is always appreciated.


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    I don't think I have as much field experience as yourself Chris. What's more my focus at work has shifted more to the web, so all the more rusty I become and relish any opportunities to keep up with the 'times'.

    Anyhow, I tried replying your questions, and to my horror, I'm not even past the first point abt memory cards and it's 3/4 of a page long! What's worse, my flu bug is not helping
    (I copied and pasted it onto a Word doc to look at it again later). So I do ask for some time to reorganise my thoughts and health, and the good Lord willing, I'll be back in a jiffy to 'download' all the weird thoughts I have regarding those issues! Meanwhile thoughts from the rest?

    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore

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    Hi Nagar

    No rush..just get well soon. We are having a bit of a flu season here as well!! The reason I wanted your opinion is this people are rushing into HD now without realising that (especially with card based systems) you ALSO more than likely have to buy a new computer, a Bluray player, a BluRay burner, probably an upgraded NLE and finally an HD Television which comes to a lot more than just the price of the camera!!!


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    Panasonic Ag DVC20

    Well I did what you suggested and put the camera in manual focus and it did just fine, with the exception of the lights looked to be kind of green other then that it worked.
    I guess that i will need to get out more at night and see what all i can get done.

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    Hi MVN

    If the light level is really low then the auto-white balance cannot do a decent job. It's then worth doing a manual white balance (check the manual for how to do it) Often "night-life" has an overbalance of flourescent lighting which will give you a green cast on your images..however if you do forget to white balance you can just colour balance in your NLE software.
    The general rule is do a manual white balance when you have mixed lighting ie: some flouro, some neon, etc etc. If you are in a huge hall with only strip lighting the auto white balance will do a fair job of balance


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    Panasonic Ag DVC 20

    Hey Chris;
    was able to do a night shot, with very little light, basically it was just play time.
    I have it on you tube.


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