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    5 seconds company logo video? How to do it?

    I want to include my company name + logo in my video production at the beginning of the video. It's just like the Hollywood movie, example i will take universal studio movies where you can see a turning globe then follows by the universal studio words coming from the other side of the globe.

    Well, i'm not going to do that kind of complex, but probably just a 3D text with my company logo.

    Anyone know what software that could do this?

    Appreciate it.

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    Adobe After Effects and Zaxwerks Invigorator. Invigorator is not necessary but will make life easier.

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    Hi Tangteng

    Not sure what NLE you are using but if it can import SWF (Flash Movies) then you can also find some ready-made templates online. (The Vegas family imports swf)
    Otherwise the basic edition of Ulead Cool 3D Production Studio also has some built-in animations where you can just change the text to suit


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    That's great guys. Appreciate it. It does help alot. Well i guess it's going to be a busy few weeks ahead for me to learn up these softwares

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    Hi there,

    If you have friends using Apple computers, they can use Livetype (I believe it comes bundled with Final Cut Express, and certainly FC Suite).

    I used to work on Ulead Cool 3D program. It is a fairly easy platform to work on.

    Have fun learning!
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    If you want to do a bit of work, you can use (free) Blender to create a 3d animation.
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    For an inexpensive approach, try Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 11 or 12, some hollywood effect , but title and image import has some neat tricks, allows for contolled movement across fram, transpranency, background controls, can scroll, crawl or fade both Text and Gif or Jpeg file images, also give Pic in Pic! Also, for simple flat apps Corel Draw, or Studio let you make video files up to 4 sec long, from any on pallet image, which can be exported in a number of file types, and then snap it on your video....

    Fairly priced.........


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    3D Graphics with Ulead Cool 3D

    Here are 2 links
    one to a video on how to create 3D Text
    Second on how to convert a logo into a 3D item

    both using Ulead Cool 3D, that used to be packaged with VideoStudio, but may be free with a maginzine.



    hope these help


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