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    Photoshop Clipping Path


    I am designing a catalogue however the photos have a background, for
    example the pictures are of shoes but i can see the table the shoe is
    sitting on and the background behind the shoe, is there a way to cut
    the shoes out in Photoshop so the background is removed?


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    Hi Alex,

    Well, judging by the title of your post, you're on the right track: Clipping paths are the way to go.

    I'm not sure what layout program you're using, but I'll assume it's InDesign, Quark or something similar. I think more recent versions of Publisher support clipping paths, but I'm not sure.

    There's a thread about clipping paths here.

    One thing to beware of is the type of path you have. Paths can add, subtract, intersect, etc. You can change which sort of path you have, as shown in the screencap below.

    It's a little hard to describe exactly, but if you play around with the path settings, you'll soon work out what's happening.

    Suffice it to say that having the wrong type of path has caused many headaches for me in InDesign - trying to work out why the hell the background was showing and the object was transparent, for instance!


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