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MyTempEmail, the web’s most versatile Spam Stopping Disposable Email Address Service is sponsoring a “Use Me Then Lose Me” Throw Away Email Contest. Just create a short video, explaining one of the many uses for MyTempEmail, and win. Go to and click on Video Contest to learn more.

Why is MyTempEmail unique:
Because it allows users to create Random Email Addresses and Custom Email Addresses on the fly.
It allows customers to create a Custom Email Forwarding Address, for up to four weeks
Users can Reply to any email received.
It uses RSS to notify of any mail messages.

MyTempEmail helps to stop the spam by offering the most choices in creating a Free Temporary Email Address. Once the time limit expires, the email address is no longer valid. So any spam that may be sent to that email goes to an invalid address. The spammers hit a roadblock.

So make the world laugh, make the world cry, inspire the world.
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