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    More Premiere Pro CS3 Problems

    Some people want fame and fortune,others want to rule the world.But Not me.I don't ask much from this life. all I want to do,is to drag a clip from the source monitor or timeline and drop it between 2 other clips on the timeline without changing the duration of, or replacing the clips I put it between.I don't think that's too much to ask. And yet, the video gods deny me even this simple request.I've tried hitting the"Insert" button after trimming my clip,but that doesn't work.Premiere help is useless(As usual).So once again I must beseech thee O' mighty video gods. If you can answer my question,I pledge my undying devotion(at least for an hour or so.).Oh yeah, I also need to know how to change the duration of effects and transitions. Thanx.

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    First, there's no such thing as video gods... second this is my colleague and a little bit of me answering your query, so you've got her to thank really:

    This is by no means the fastest way, but we find it is the easiest with the most amt of control for the user.

    Add a video track (Track 2) on top of what you are working on (Pix 1)
    Insert the video track you want onto Track 2 (Pix 2)
    After confirming that's the place, cut off / use your cursor to adjust the video clips (Pix 3). You may want to check the audio (linked/unlinked) as well.
    And when that area's cleared, just dump video track down to Track 1 or leave it on Track 2 (Pix 4). And delete the video track after everything is over, if you have no use for that track.

    You may want to put the video on Track 1 for a few reasons.
    1. It's easier for you to do transitions (A/B roll)
    2. The more tracks you add, the slower the final rendering

    Changing the duration of transitions? Just drag 'em!
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    I can't offer any supernatural insight but I can tell you that the insert function seems to work fine for me. I'm using CS4 but I'm sure CS3 is the same...

    (1) Open the clip in the preview window and set your in/out points.
    (2) Position the CTI (red line) between the two clips on the timeline. (Holding down the shift key while dragging the CTI makes it snap in place exactly.)
    (3) Click the insert button (or hit the comma key on your keyboard).

    The easiest way to adjust transition duration is as Nagar said, by dragging the edges of the transition. You may need to zoom in a bit to be able to grab the edge. Alternatively, if you click the transition in the timeline and then look at the Effect Controls palette, you'll see a duration value. You can either enter a duration manually or click and drag the value left/right to decrease/increase the duration.
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    Ah... thanks for the heads up on inserting Dave. We're in a semi-confused state of working with Premiere Pro and FCP! FCP has another way of doing it real easy.

    BTW shrooma the pictures I posted comes from FCP, so no worries if they seem to look weird. The basic 'idea' is there.. but of cos Dave has given the proper way!
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
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