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    I need your ears!!!! Come and Listen (Vocal Mixing Tips)

    I have just gotten into vocal mixing and I am always lookin for pointers and tips to improve my recording and mixing. I would have been lost if it wasnít for these forums because product manuals can only tell you so much. I am pleased with the quality of my recordings but I know I can get better with more knowledge. I have been having a problem mixing one of my artist vocals. He has a deeper voice and I canít seemed to get it to sound right when I play it on other systems. On my monitors it sounds great but if I play it on a system with satellite speakers and a sub you can barely hear him. I dunno if I should just increase the level of his vocal or tweak the eq settings or what I have to do to get his vocals to mix well on other systems. I donít wanna lose the good full sound of his voice so I would like some suggestions. Here is a link to the song:
    Beware there is some explicit lyrics this song. He is on the first and third verse also the chorus. Lend me some fresh ears cuz my are getting a little burnt out, hehe. Thanks.

    -C Dog

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    If the link doesnt work try this:
    it is the mp3 in the "NGC" folder

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    Sorry about the bum links this one is sure to work.
    it is the first song called "northern cali G's"

    - c dog


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