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    8mm to mini digital tape and DVD?

    I'm looking to transfer my family's old 8mm film to digital tape and/or dvd.

    Can someone recommend a reputable place in New York City or New Jersey.

    Also, which is the best process to look for. I've found a few different methods online but I'm not confortable mailing anyone my family's old films.

    Thank you.

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    Before you even start, take a careful look at the film thru a magnifier and make absolutely sure that there is no mould or fungus on the film. Often old movie film, unless stored in optimum conditions gets a nasty fungus that actually eats away the emulsion and transferring is a waste of money.

    The celluloid base of the film can also get very brittle in the aging process so try to find someone that uses a copy machine that uses a low intensity light and a CCD chip so your precious film will not be subjected to the heat of a normal projector lamp. A lot of "Transfer Services" often just use an 8mm/Super 8mm projector and project your movie onto a screen or transfer unit and then record the image onto tape.

    If the film is in excellent condition then you will not have any problems finding a suitable copy service in your area.


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    Greeting rutakved and welcome to the forum,

    I've never really dealt with any local services to do transfers but I have noticed them. My only advice I can offer is to first check some of the local big malls or check a local video rental store. The rental store might do it themselves otherwise ask if they know of any services close to you.

    There are professional transfer services in NYC but the price would be astronomical (unless money is not an issue) and that's if someone still has an Super or 8mm projector.

    As Chris recommended check to see the actual condition because you don't want to waste your time or the services time if they have to do extra work to splice broken ends.

    Good luck on your project!
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    Lagno Video ( ) in Montvale does a good job of film conversion. Where I used to work, we sent any film conversion jobs that came in over there.

    They do film conversion at some of the local photo shops - but from what I've seen, they don't have a staff dedicated to this so they don't always have as good results as possible.

    Do note Chris' note. If your film does not play through a projector or you think that it will not, you may want to discuss with places that use scanners or low-light projections (last I visited, they were still using projectors at Lagno). Even if you think your film will play well, be sure to talk to the transfer house about what to do if the film does start falling apart -- if you want to continue and get a full copy or stop and get just what's been transfered and risk the remainder decaying (or other options).

    Good luck with your conversions!
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