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    i'm wondering if anyone has some tips on editing pdfs? i have a pdf i need to take parts out of an put into an indesign document for printing...i can copy the parts from the pdf using photoshop and then paste into indesign but can't change font size etc. Before i go about re-creating the info does anyone know some magic way for me to manipulate the info in the pdf? just thought i would try!

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    You could spring for Adobe Acrobat if you're feeling wealthy. Otherwise there are a bunch of other PDF editors out there. I haven't tried any of them myself (I'm lucky enough to have Acrobat) but I'm sure they would be good enough to do what you want.
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    This also depends on the extend to which you want to change this document. Sometimes you can save it as a picture & with Photo Shop you can just move blocks or even sentences around.

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    i think you can select the text, copy it into something like microsoft word and then past it into indesign.

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    You can & it all depends on the pdf, but the fonts will change & sometimes the i's will become L's, You really have to read the entire copied document. I have problem trusting this method, but. if I recall, I did get something from ADOBE telling me about a new add on that can transfer files from word to pdf without any changes to them.

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    Shahin Samaei

    Have you tried checking the FAQ at ADOBE?


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