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    lost my timeline

    The last time I opened my current project,(in Premiere Pro CS3)I resized and moved around some of the windows,and I can't get back to my original timeline.I tried clicking Windows>>Timeline,but all I get is a blank timeline that says"No Sequences".

    All the same clips are still in the project window.Can I still get back to my original timeline,or do I have to delete the whole thing and start from scratch?
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    You should be able to get it back by opening the most recent auto-saved project files. Find your designated project folder. There should be a Premiere Pro Auto-save folder. Inside there will be project files (prproj). Try opening the most recent from within Premiere (not by double clicking it). Let me know if this worked for you.

    - Met

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    thanx from shrooma

    Your Idea worked. Thanx a lot.


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