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Thread: Need more space

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    Need more space

    My hard drive is full,so I want to move my current projects onto an X-ternal drive to free up some space.How would I do this in a way that frees up the maximum amount of space? Should I move my projects to the X-ternal,or should I keep them where they are and move other stuff?

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    Hi Shrooma

    I just keep my raw footage and rendered footage on a 640GB USB drive but I keep the projects on my local drive. Unless you have specified that the media must be stored with the project then your main space user is going to be the raw video files!!

    Just for interest, when I capture video I automatically send it to the USB drive to a specified folder. That way the raw footage (which takes the most space) doesn't even see my main drive. However stuff like background graphics and music stays on the main drive. I do about 35 weddings a year and that just about fills up the 640GB drive at the end of the season but my main drive is a tiny 80GB and still has at least 25GB free. If that drops below 20GB unwanted files are shifted to a second 80GB drive.

    PS: That's all SD footage of course..if you are using HD then you will have to look at way bigger drives but even a 1TB WD drive nowdays is good value for money as a storage device!!


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    Without knowing your full configuration, it would be difficult to give you a best scenario. I employ a dedicated 1 TB raid 0 array for my video capture, a dedicated 500GB drive for my Audio and another dedicated 500GB for the project files. I have two Seagate FreeAgent 320 GB eSata drives that I use for archiving footage after completing a job. I don't keep clients footage forever so I use a first in first out method with these drives. I have, in the past, actually backed up DV files to DL DVD.

    I guess my long winded point is I would use external drives. If your not going to be working off them, a USB drive will easily suffice. You can pick them up fairly inexpensively so they do make a good choice for long term archiving

    I would not move the project files or raw footage until you complete the projects.

    - Met


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