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    Premiere pro cs4

    Hi people, how are we all doing?

    I hope you can help. Ive just brought premiere cs4 for mac, can anyone tell me what would be the best export settings the best quality. The best Ive found so far is "H264 Bluray" but I have seen better quality from a pc. The video camera that im using is a Sony HDR-HC9 (tape, and most of my work is HDV)

    I hope you can tell me how to improve the quality on a mac.

    Best regards,

    PS. My footage is interlaced, if that makes any difference.

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    I use PPro CS4 on a PC and to be honest I still haven't found the best setting for archiving HDV edits. I've tried H.264 but haven't been excited about the results. I haven't tried all the settings though - maybe an increased bitrate would produce acceptable quality. In my case I always end up delivering the product in standard definition and just saving the whole project on hard drive (with the original footage) so there's been no pressure to sort out HD archiving.

    Uncompressed AVI would be the best but the file sizes are collosal. It's a shame you can't save HDV files to hard drive - from what I can gather you can only output HDV to tape.

    So the short answer is that I don't know
    Dave Owen

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    maybe your could buy a huge batch of hdv tapes and export to them


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