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    Moving stuff around

    First of all,let me say thanx to Chris H. and Meta Bol for their answers to my previous posts .What I still can't figure out is:f I delete or move projects to an X-ternal drive does it effect all the files/clips contained in those projects,or do I need to move or delete each individual file or clip?Do I need to render everything before I move it? If I burn an unfinished project to a data CD or DVD, will I be able to re-open it and resume editing where I left off?

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    If you're using Premiere and you move files in your project, Premiere will ask you where to find it. Navigate to the new location and select the file in question.

    If you've moved a bunch of files, but they're all in the same relative location (i.e. they're all in a folder called "clips", which has just been moved to a new drive, or they were all in a folder together, and they've been moved to a new folder but they're still together), once you redirect Premiere to the first file in the list, it will automatically re-locate all the rest.

    If you just delete the files, Premiere will replace them all with a "media offline" icon. You won't be able to work with them until they're relocated.

    If you burn an unfinished project to CD or DVD, you won't be able to save any changes you make, because it's on a read-only medium. You'll have to port it back to a hard drive.


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