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    Digital camcorder choppy hi-motion playback

    Hello everyone,
    I've been using a Sony Handycam DCR-TRV330 Digital-8 camcorder for 7 years with no problems, however recently I've noticed an annoying problem with the tape playback: when it plays back high motion scenes (like when panning a view or when the object moves fast) it shows some sort of horizontal flickering or pixel displacement. Curiously, this effect doesn't happen when the subject/camera is static or moving slow, so I guess is more kind of a software (perhaps encoding) issue. I don't know how to describe this effect precisely so I'm posting a few video captures to let you see it by yourself:

    I need answers please:
    1. Does this issue affect only the playback and not the recording?
    2. What is the cause and nature of this problem?
    3. And what can I do to fix it? Send it to technical service or just buy a new camera?

    I'd love to hear some advice ASAP at least for the first question since I got an event next weekend and wouldn't bother getting new tapes until I find a solution.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hi Skullbus

    Are you experiencing this when playing back tape in the camera?? Try capturing a short section with high motion to your computer and see if the captured file does the same thing. At least then you can isolate whether the tape was recorded poorly or it's a playback issue.

    If you know anyone with a Digi8 camcorder it would be worth trying the tape in another camera to see if the problem is the same.


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    yes it only happens in playback, taped a segment directly into my computer and it was perfect. I highly doubt poor recording is the cause since this effect is present even in scenes recorded much prior to the malfunction. Some have suggested to clean the headdrums, so I think I'll get a head cleaning tape.

    What I don't know if is if the recording is not working well as well since then, I'm following your suggestion and I'll try to contact anyone with a hi8 device to find out.

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    Ok, I tried a tape on another Hi8 camcorder and it played well, now tried another tape recorded on that cam and played choppy on mine so I can safely assume it's a playback only issue.

    I tried cleaning the head in the tech service but that didn't work either, they told me the headdrum is not working well and there is no way to fix it so they suggested me to replace it. I'll look for a second opinion to find a simpler and less expensive fix but well we'll see.

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