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    Is Mini DV Dead?

    I don't think so. In fact I'm going to buy this Mini Dv because of the price and quality until I can save up some cheddar for the canon 5D mk2.

    What are your thoughts? Are any of you looking at new cameras and what format?

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    MiniDV will still be around for quite a while simply because millions of people still have MiniDV camcorders!! At the moment, especially with HD, SD cards are still very expensive (around $400 for a good 32GB card) which makes it really impractical to use the card to store your raw footage so you have to resort to other storage means. Professional P2 cards are even more costly!! The AVCHD format also is an editing headache and needs at least a QuadCore computer with a huge graphics card and plenty of RAM!!
    Just bear in mind that manufacturers still make VHS tape!! (although production of SVHS has almost ceased)

    Until SD cards are as cheap as tape and MiniDV cameras are impossible to buy tape will eventully be phased out but that will be 20 years down the track.
    Remember that big manufacturers have an obligation to supply media for hardware that they are still manufacturing.


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    I agree with you for the most part Chris. However, I don't think Mini DV will be around in 20 years. Flash media is dropping in cost so fast. I just looked online at amazon and found a 32gb sd card for $142. I don't know much about SD since I mainly use CF

    I think most video will be taken on peoples still cameras and the video/still combination will continue even with dslrs, like the canon 5d mk2. The new Red camera looks promising as well for both stills and video.

    Broadcast media will probably continue on a slower path as it always has. They don't like to change systems too often.

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    I think you will find that tapes will be available for a long time. The VHS format was launched in Europe in 1976 (USA in 1977) which is 32 years ago and VHS tapes are still being manufactured and are still available in stores. SD cards will be more common but if I was using cards I would use nothing but the Class 6 card from my camera manufacturer purely for safety!! These sort of cards are still in the $400 bracket and my problem is that I like to keep my raw footage and I pay around $4 for a MiniDV Pro tape which is a cheap and easy way to store footage. (I do weddings mainly so I need to keep the master tapes) Using two SD card cameras for me would mean an outlay of over $800 per wedding if I want to retain the footage OR I need to buy a pile of external drives to store data.
    One of the things I do is provide the happy couple with the original tapes so if something happens to the DVD they have the tapes to re-edit long after I'm 6' under and pushing up daisies!!!!

    It's still a pretty convenient and in-expensive way to store and shoot video unless a 32GB card drops down to the $5 which I very much doubt will happen in my lifetime!!


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    I'm banking on MiniDV being around for a while, although I'm particularly interested in the HDV tapes. At first I just thought it was Sony hype telling me I need the more expensive tapes but I've found that I do need them. Anyway, I'd say there are enough people with semi-pro MiniDV/HDV cameras to keep the demand up for a while.

    I have to say though, working with a tapeless camera is nice
    Dave Owen


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