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    I believe the quality will suffer big time.

    Then again, I do conversions and re-edits on the side.

    All kidding aside, before you go the easy route, try to capture a few and edit them down. You might find that what you were dreading is actually quite fun. Going to DVD recorder route will prevent you from adding stills, titles, slow mo, transitions, cutting out bad shots, DVD menus, the list goes on and on.

    These are family treasures. I suggest you go out and spend the money you were thinking of spending on the DVD recorder on a terabyte external drive. Capture to your computer and save the whole thing, pre-edited to the drive. Then edit to your hearts content (off your capture drive, not the external) and make some fun movies the family will love to sit and watch. If you hurry, they can be a great holiday surprise.

    What ever you decide on, don't wait any longer. The tapes are deteriorating at this very minute. The quality will really be better too.

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    mission accomplished.

    Great advice Chris.The Dvd recorder route was a winner.
    Tapes now on disks , warts and all.
    The family has had a great laugh replaying the many ground shots and cock ups I would have edited out.........eventually.
    I now have so many brownie points its almost a sin.
    And a new dvd recorder for the football.

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    I like the Panasonic DVD recorders, they even offer some with hard drives so you can run dubs unattended [on timer] then trim them and have it make a dvd unattended.
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