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    Help with a video camera purchase?

    I want to purchase a HD video camera $800-$1300, but can't decide which one I'm mostly videotaping scenic areas and looking for a decent buy, something with a hard drive or minidv. With good color quality like 3ccd. Any suggestions?

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    In that price range it's a tough decision!! All you can really go for is something like a Canon HF100 but beware that you will have to spend at least the same again probably to upgrade your computer to at least a quad core machine with a huge graphics card and tons of memory purely to be able to edit the AVCHD format.
    At present HD formats are pretty much impossible to edit on a standard computer so bear this in mind. Even if you can edit the footage, it will have to be rendered down to SD unless you have an HD TV, a BluRay player and a BluRay Disk burner!!! All big budget eaters!!!

    There are a few cameras that allow you to downconvert to SD after filming so that also may be an option. However if you simply want to watch your footage from your cam then any of the compact HD cams will do fine...make sure that they have an HDMI plug so you can connect them to your HD TV


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    Yep, it will be tough finding a good HD camera for that price. Second-hand might be an option. Chris makes a very good point about the cost of an editing computer too.

    Remember that resolution isn't everything. A standard-def camera with better features (lens, CCD size, etc) might actually give you nicer-looking pictures. Up-convert these to HD and it's quite likely you'll end up with a better overall product than if you use a cheap HD camera. For example, I have a Sony HDRSR12E that records 1920x1080 but I'd never use it for my main camera - I'd rather use a PD150 and up-convert (actually I use a HVR-Z1P but that's beside the point ).
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