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    Request help downloading a streamining video for evidence

    Hi im trying to download a video from this site

    (because Im featured in one!)

    There is a download link but if you click it and do "save as" you will download a file too small to be the actual video and if you try to play it the media player will say "unable to render".

    I posted on their forum and they're not interested in a remedy.

    So I'd like to download one of these videos but all the web based tools I have tried require the actual address of the video. I know the address is not the one they show because that address downloads the nonsense file and I can't determine how to find the actual address, I a bit of a newb here, can anyone help? Thanks.

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    If it features you, why not simply contact them and ask for a copy? It would likely be of better quality than is on the web server anyway.
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    they dont answer email of their forum, to figure out this out, if I can watch the video there must be a way to capture it ... right?

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    Hey Lurky

    There are plenty of apps that will capture this stream, I use one called Jaksta (, if your planning on taking a copy for evidence, it might pay to get some legal advice to ensure that a converted stream can be used as evidence. I do computing forenscis in Australia and the rules are pretty strict.



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    All this crap gives real MMA a bad name. Just sayin.


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