Using Altair and pointing it to a script and swf file created elsewhere (trying to remember where now). I got my media to stream from a MySQL database

Below were the changes I made to the script I found. Basicly got it to use a query string and URL instead of a folder path

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//full path to dir with video.
$path = $dirBase."/Admin/getFile.php?";

$seekat = $_GET["position"];
$filename = "fileId=$_REQUEST[fileId]".htmlspecialchars($_GET["file"]);

Then set the streamServer variable in Altair.
streamingServerURL = "<? echo $server;?>Action/scrubber.html";

Not sure why it works now but it does so best not to play around with it to much I guess.

Next to do is to get my ID3 info and preview image to change when a link is clicked in my HTML playlist. Great more $%^*( java script

One last thing...does anyone know how I can get audio visualizations working with Altair?