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    Recording a Violinist?

    I need to make some CD's of my violin teacher playing some simple pieces. I have a Shure SM58 mic, a Studio Projects C1, and an Audio Technia 4073a shotgun mic. I'll be patching through my Mackie 1202 mixer and recording on my Sony MiniDisc. Which mic should I use? Any advice most appreciated. Thanks.

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    If s/he can stay in place, I'd use the shotgun. Note that you may want to check the frequency response ratings on the mics and where you can easily place each one, based upon your supplies on-hand.
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    Why not try them all out? But you'll probably wind up with the shotgun.

    The thing about recording a violin is that you need distance. Within 10-15 feet, a violin is all scrape and scratch, even a Stradivarius. An SM58, with its upper midrange peak, would make it worse.

    Recording at a distance means you'll get lots of room sound, so have your teacher play in a big, nice-sounding room. Not a classroom. The results would suck.

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    I really appreciate the input. I'm definitely going to try the shotgun mic, but if I can set up one of the other mics as well should it be the Shure SM58 or the Studio Productions CE?

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    Forget the SM58. It's a vocal mic with shaped response totally wrong for violin.

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    I like to come over the shoulder near the Players ear with a condenser on a boom as this helps with the body resonance and usually not distracting to the Player or Audience.


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