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    help me camera shop?

    I'm looking for a new camera for a x-mas present for my husband, but I'm not sure what to get.
    He is a graphic artist and worked for a major bmx company for 14 years. he filmed and edited almost everything they produced.
    my point is I need to get him something impressive I believe he was using a sony TRVsomething(not sure)
    but that was 4 years ago..... things have gotten way better.....
    my budget is under $800... any opinions are greatly appreciated

    .I like the sony DCR-SR12....but can't afford it

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    holy cow oops I meant HDR-SR12... wow I look silly...
    but really I do need help.... what camera can compare; my latest job is going to pay $1200 which gives me better options..... p p pp pppp please help me out with other options

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    Hi SSC

    First of all you need to find out what he will be using it for!!
    Basically DVD and HardDisk camcorders are great if you want to shoot 'n watch as they are already in a compressed format and the DVD camcorders can simply eject the disk and play it. However they are bad news for editing as the MPEG2 format doesn't take kindly be being edited and then re-compressed.

    If he is going to want to edit his footage then you need to look for a MiniDV camcorder that uses tape. The latest camcorders in High Definition write to SD cards (they are tapeless) BUT you need a mammoth computer to handle the editing. I personally would go for a neat MiniDV camcorder that shoots in Standard Definition (HD cameras at your budget level are a little suspect!!) However if he has a super fast computer then an HD camcorder can be found around the $1200 mark (like the Canon HF100)
    otherwise stick with a MiniDV tape camcorder (I only use Panasonic so if you want a Sony then the equivalent of the Panasonic GS330 will fit your budget)

    If you can do some detective work and find out what he has and pry a bit and give us some more info then we can be more specific!!



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