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    External Hard Drive

    Hi guys/girls.

    I have a question, would I be able to plugs 4 external hard drive to one 4 hub usb hub, if so would it work properly or will it only be able to handle the one?

    Many thanks,

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    it should work but it would be better if you get an internal usb card that you plug into your computer.

    have a look at . they're stuff is really cheep and they work too.

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    Thanks for that, Ill look into it.

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    Hi there,

    You may want to note a few things first. The conditions that this configuration will quite definitely work are:
    1. The USB hub is powered
    OR more preferably
    2. The external HDDs are powered (tt means they are not USB powered)

    Our HDDs require some fair amt of power so this is the key factor to note in this matter.
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