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    Hook 2 sets of speakers to one reciever?

    Hi i want to know if i can hook 2 sets of Front speakers to one reciever

    currently i have my reciever, CD player, Front speakers and Center speaker on my ground level of my house and the Subwoofer and Rear speakers in the basement (lets just say the wife wanted it like that)

    needless to say we dont get good sound in the basement (usually dont get vocals from the radio, only instruments), so is it possible to hook a second set of Front speakers up to the reciever so i can put them in the basement?

    if so is it as simple as just plugging in a second set of speaker wire into the reciever, or is there some sort of converter i can buy? or can i run a set of wire to the ground floor speakers and then a second wire from the ground floor speaker to the basement speaker

    Note: we dont use the radio all that often, so i'm not that concerned if it wont sound perfect but i'm more concerned about damaging something

    if more info is needed let me know

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    Quote: DanLambskin
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    if more info is needed let me know
    That one
    (power ratings, power output, model numbers mayhaps?)
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    Quote: tonsofpcs
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    That one
    (power ratings, power output, model numbers mayhaps?)
    i finally got around to getting this info...hopefully someone can still help

    anyway. from what i could find it was a Sony package STU-741 which contains a TA-E741 "reciever" and a SEN-R6400 Subwoofer. all the speaker hookups attach to the subwoofer and not the reciever

    if you guys still need some more specific info let me know

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    I tried looking this up on the web, and there isn't much information, but from what I gather, this is a package system where the power amps are built into the woofer. Making modifications or attachments with a system like this is a risky thing.

    Power amplifiers are essentially "stiff" voltage sources, which is to say that they work like AC outlets. Plug in a 100W lamp, the outlet supplies 100W. Plug in two lamps, the outlet supplies 100W to each of them, total 200W.

    Same with amps: if you attach two speakers, the amp will not split its output power between them. Instead, the amp will attempt to put its full rated power into each of them. Many amps are built to handle a double load, but most package system makers don't spend the money to do that. Bottom line: you're likely to blow it up.

    Sounds like you need to decide where you want the best sound and then buy a boom box for the other floor.


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