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    Calling it a night - Proper Shutdown

    Hey y'all,

    is there a proper way to shut down your sound equipment? I have recently inherited the sound booth of a smallish church and I've been told that in the past, everything have been shut off by flipping one switch on the main power strip. This includes the mixer, 2 amps, a condenser, a cd rack, pitch transposer, lamps and a computer.

    I know that shutting a computer off that way is bad and so I don't but what about the other gear? If it's bad, why is that?

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    Shut the last item in the chain first, then work your way back to the first (that is: shut the amplifier and any recording devices, then the mixer that drives them, then things that drive the mixer). Reasoning: Pops are bad, as are their electrical equivalents.
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    What I do is shut the monitors off first then shut the rest down with the power strip. I hope I'm doing it correctly as well.
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    For power-up, do what Eric said in reverse: signal sources on first, then mixer, then processors, and power amps last. That way the early units in the chain will have a chance to get over their starting hiccups before the power amps are live. Speaker protection.

    If several people use the system, and you don't trust some of them to know what they're doing, invest in a power controller that does the power-up and power-down sequencing automatically. Lots better than fixing blown speakers.


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