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    DVC30 Panasonic


    I just bought two dvc30, wich are great for my needs. But I would like to know why is the image sometimes "kicking". Like I am shooting and suddenly, image does a little quick "pan". Nothing big, just a little "pan" (left or right) just like someone briefly hitting the tripod. I don't know if I am clear since I am french.

    Thank you for your help. Hope I am in the good forum.


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    Does this camera have an "anti-shake" feature? if so, turn it off. If not, more details may be helpful in diagnosing the issue.

    Also, is the camera on a tripod with someone bumping it?
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    Eric is 100% correct!!

    In the DVC30 it's called "OIS" If your cam is on a tripod then make sure that OIS is turned off in the menu.

    With my cams I actually keep OIS turned off permanently. It's far better to practice holding your cam steady than relying on a stabilization system which never works that well!! On the tripod is must DEFINATELY be turned off as it can easily interpret sudden normal movement as something it must try to correct!! In my opinion it should really be off all the time and you need to concentrate on being a good handheld cameraman when the need arises!



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