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    My life of stress

    I just wanted to post a quick message to apologize for not being around much again. I know there are a bunch of messages addressed to me and I'm sorry I haven't been answering. I'm still trying to get to the MC Media Player forum to answer some questions and I'm hoping that might happen tomorrow.

    The year is almost cooked and I've fallen behind on my goals, the main one being to get back to work more on this website.

    Unfortunately something has come up here in my home town which requires my urgent attention and it's going to take all of December to sort out (at least). I'm quite stressed about it at the moment although I'm sure it will come right in the end. I'm so close to getting everything else under control so I can work on two of my favourite projects without interruption (this website and the media player). I'm bummed that this thing has come up right now when I was just about ready to go full steam ahead.

    If you think there's something going on here that I need to attend to please let me know because there's a fair chance I'll miss it. Reply to this thread, PM or email me (2006 at mediacollege dot com).

    In the meantime, thank you so much to the good people who help keep this forum ticking over. Your efforts are appreciated by myself as well as the people you help
    Dave Owen

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    Shahin Samaei

    You have done so much here already, to bring all this people together & maintain this site is no small task, Take your time & do what you need to do, If there is something we can do to help, please ask.


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