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    Panasonic AG-DVC60

    Does anybody know of a place you can buy this camera? I need something with XLR audio inputs but not at the price of the DVX100. I have seen the camera online but no one seems to have it anymore.

    Any ideas on a good camera for under 2000$ with XLR inputs?


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    Hi SShafer

    Panasonic stopped making the DVC30 and 60 a while ago but they still make the DVC180 around the world. However that's a bit over $2000!!!
    Essentially the HMC 150 has taken over from the DVC series but being HD are pricey!! Best look for a used DVC30 !!

    Your other option is to just buy a Beachtek adapter which will give you 2 XLR inputs with both mic and line channels.



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