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    Adding this tread to our web site

    I guess this question is for Dave, & it has to be asked after he told us that he is going to have a busy month, but may be someone can answer it, Is it possible to add this forum to someones web site or at least a window where people visiting a web site can get to this forum & if so is there any advantages or disadvantages of doing this for the web site & this forum?

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    You can always link to it...
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    You could have an iframe. It's be a good idea to check with Dave first.

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    My answer is, yes there are ways to do it ..

    content syndication, web services and data sheets < simple text files with only the content written inside > and even some SQL access to a particular IP address with a user account are of the server-side solutions ONLY IF the author(s), which is here, in this case, it's Dave, desires to do so!

    Therefore - that means by no means you can get through it under normal circumstances..

    Any other sort of from-your-side solutions and individual attempts like creating fields to be filled by the content you have selectively acquired and filtered, then publish with your own style would be STEALING, would be definetely out of propriety .. and as such.

    With the advent of content-sensible advertisement networks, this kind of attempts become more and more common.

    best regards
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    Shahin Samaei

    OK now take it easy, all I am trying to do is with Daves permission find a way to bring more people to this forum, if this is what everyone wants & only if it will be beneficial to this forum.

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    I don't think we were talking on the same grounds. The person you are addressing persistently, is not my bro. Nor I'm an advocate to this web site, neither, but if it was to talk about 'this' web site - then again they were just what I thought about the content syndication with and without permission in general frame. They were my opinions.

    Making the sites popular doesn't come with articifial promotions, at least any more. If I had a better chance, I would start dumping my own questions and then my latter corresponding findings as a part of web development and design issues at some high expertise level, or assumingly being an expert contributer to the site, then writing down these methods would certainly attrack as much attention as you and I, and even Dave or whomever you'd like to bring in from your whatever country, wish.

    For the time being, for at least what it looks like from here, the web design forum is being used for

    "Helo, tis I done my newest wep-page with boo-Goo software - and you shall telll me how does it look now"
    and / or
    "Can you not teach me how to learning HTML - for I am going to be a webmaster at Mudzilla republic".

    But of course, since this site is extensively dealing with media types (of both visual and audial), and world wide web be only one of the 'lil subsets inbetween them, one just can't be fair if he expects to see more sophisticated web topics - but again - this depends on the contributors, not the promotions. I ain't no modest enough to say IMHO here ..

    Tis' just tha'simple, man.

    p.s. as for your question; the software running behind this forum is a decent one, and I like it the most among others, but I'm not sure if the site-runners have such scripts already, or enough resources for developing new ones.

    best regards;
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    Shahin Samaei

    I think it's the water!

    Of course finding ways to bring more traffic to this site will increase the participation & threads, some of which may be silly for some & interesting to others. At the end of the day, we all come here to exchange ideas, ask or answer questions, even if they seem childish to some, still they are questions serious enough to be asked and many find it rewarding to answer them.

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    Actually there are a couple of options, although only one that I can suggest immediately. On this page you'll find a list of our RSS feeds, including one for all the forums plus separate feeds for individual ones. Although you can't do much with them in their raw form, RSS is designed to be syndicated in exactly the way you describe. You'll need to have some way to convert the feed into HTML ready for your web page but there are options out there (search for things like "RSS to HTML").

    Can't help much more right now because I'm tied up but contact me if you have any urgent questions. If you can't figure anything out and you need my help, I should be back on board properly early in the new year.

    BTW, thanks very much for the support
    Dave Owen


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