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    Photoshop to flash?

    I'm trying to somehow convert a black and white image in photoshop CS2 to a flash (v8 pro) object (the kind you can draw/create in flash). Is this possible?

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    Hi Tony

    I have a very limited knowledge of Flash but I do know that you can import an image directly onto the stage as a background. Why Flash??? Are you going to animate the image or put animated text over it????

    It seems a little pointless to have a static image in a Flash movie unless it's going to do something?? The whole idea of Flash is animation!!

    Could you let us know some more details of your plans for this image???


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    i mentioned the black & white img (in PS) because the idea is to create a mask from it's silhouette (white being the discardable area) in flash, as opposed to drawing this shape from scratch in Flash using it's drawing tools.

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    Hi Tony

    I guess there is no reason why that wouldn't work?? Just add the pic as a background, draw around the shape you want and then delete the background layer and you have your shape.

    Try it and let us know????


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    well, that's what i was trying to avoid, because the shape can have it's complexity, so if there were a way to get around having to draw the object, that would be ideal. Now that PS and Flash belong to the same company, i guess the cross-platform issue should make things easier. i was hoping PS CS2 and Flash pro 8 could work together in that sense, but i realize Fla was still a Macromedia product at that time.

    Anyway, thank you for the input. it's always welcome.


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