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    Premiere Pro CS4 slow to open projects

    I'm wondering if anyone else has the same problem with Premiere CS4: It takes ages to load projects. I'm talking minutes.

    The loading progress bar sails along fairly well until it gets to about 90%, then just freezes up. After about a minute or so, it progressively locks up my whole system.

    I notice in the Task Manager that ImporterProcessServer.exe *32 seems to be sucking up a lot of resources.

    I don't know if it's important or not, but I also keep all the video files on an external drive.

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    Where are your project files? What video format? How much RAM? CPU?

    PS: I remember when application loads of mere minutes were a godsend. Be happy it's not hours
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    It might be that your are running out of system resources.

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    I shouldn't have thought it was a problem with system resources. To answer your questions:

    System - Dual core 2.4GHz processors, 4Gb RAM, running Windows Vista. The primary drive is 70Gb, secondary drive 465Gb, both SCSI.

    My project files are saved on a mix of the secondary drive (images and other assets) and a 2Tb external WD drive for video files (uncompressed avi files).

    Possibly it's the external drive - at the moment it's only connected with USB. The IT guy here is promising to update it to eSata.

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    HD or SD?
    How is the drive physically connected?
    Is the USBHC USB 1.1 or 2?
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    That computer should be super quick, even loading off a usb drive. Perhaps your processor isn't meaty enough.

    tbh we have a dual core 3.6 ghz processor and sometimes that struggles with projects larger than 20ish minuets long.

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    shahin samaei

    It sound like the RAM issue.

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    Well, within a day of posting this thread, the computer in question sh*t itself completely, resulting in a ground-up rebuild - new motherboard, new primary disk, reinstall Windows (Vista), the works.

    Premiere is working much better - it still takes a couple of minutes to open a project, but at least it's not the ten to fifteen minutes I was having to endure before.

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    mayber it was a major hardware malfunction?

    what are your new pc specs?


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