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    Free Font Quality

    What is/are the main difference(s) between free versions of fonts available on various websites versus their counterparts that cost?
    And how do those differences affect working with them (quality, vector, etcetera)?

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    Not sure what exactly you're asking here. Could you please describe in more detail what these two fonts are?
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    As far as i understand your question, here is my opinion:

    You may find great stuff for free. The negative points, that apply are:

    1. In general, you will have to dig it from tons of really poor quality content.
    2. You will find a lot of resources improperly licensed or without any copyright notice at all (imo, 40-50% of free resources have that issue).

    Pay resources just save your time which is money too. I've got no real experience with fonts, but may say that for sure mentioning vectors in general. As it's the same with photos, footage and sounds, the fonts case is surely similiar.

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    Printing Fonts

    I have found very nice fonts online for free, but they are limited in their looks & most can not be converted to Italic or bold, but if you look, you can find them.

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    I think most of them at least have demo version which allows you to download. Usually, the difference between free version and charge version is the size and quality.


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