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    Setting Up

    Hi Guys!

    Well I wanna know and get your suggestion on equipments that are necessary in building a home studio in a minimum amount

    Equipments like Mixer, PC, and watelse i don't know


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    how many channels of input would you need simultaniously, ie are you planning to record a full band live, or even a drumset with multiple mics and so on, or just like an acoustic guitar and vocals and such?

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    A Full Live Band record

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    First you have to make a decision as to what platform you intend to record on. I.e. do you already own a PC or mac tower or laptop that you intend to use for this purpose. If not then you must decide which would be the most accesssable to you. Also would you need it to be portable or are you strictly talking about a fixed enviornment from which to record in. So what I suggest if we are starting from zero would be preferably a mac with two presonus interfaces as they are the cheapest and they are relatively easy to setup and are relatively stable. you will need at least one large diaphragm condenser mic, (something like a MXL770 would be a good starting point), basic instrument mics maybe a couple of shure sm57, a basic drum mic kit ( something like a Shure DRK6) a couple of DI's and obviously cabling for all of these. A pair of studio monitors, (something simple like behringer truth 2031a) and a couple of basic dynamic vocal mics for different purposes. then build from there. there are obviously other ways to go and differnt products then i mentioned but the basics remain the same and these will give you a guidling as to the miniums you would have to invest to get something halfway usable.

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    Thanks alot!

    Well Now i got a chance to work with a local church, n learning a lot from their...

    Thanks Once again "peter miller"

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    Just my suggestion. I record music everyday and am just adding a few last pieces to my little home studio but these were the first things I went for:

    - mac / pc (I went with mac and find it much more stable)
    - main multi-track software (I like Cubase)
    - audio card (I use a FirePod, it's affordable and does the job)
    - monitors (these will be your ears so don't be cheap on this step)
    - midi keyboard (not a must but you'll be glad to have one if you start adding virtual instruments. Also, some of them come with a descent multi-track software. Mine came with a basic version of Cubase which is all you need to start off)

    Don't overlook cables either. It starts adding up but you don't want to go cheap on wires from your monitors to your sound card at least.

    Then start looking into mics depending on what you're recording and the type of music or sound you're going for.

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    And a set of good headphones. People who do their main mixing on headphones wind up with mixes that sound really strange over speakers. But headphones do one crucial thing well: they allow you to clearly hear everything in your mix. So mix with speakers, but doublecheck with headphones.

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    karl eilers

    Thanks guys that's a nice suggestions

    i'll remember that


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