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    Alt Tag Tesxt Problem

    I am using Mozilla 1.7.7. When I preview a web page I am working on in IE everything is fine. When I preview the same page in Mozilla the TEXT that is contained inside the ALT TAGS, for images, is showing up on the webpage as regular page text content.

    This is causing big problems showing text that should not be shown in the page content.

    I have discovered that if I use a Title Tag instead of the Alt tag Mozilla behaves. Rather not do this as alt tag needs to be used for SEO keywords, according to my understandings, (which does not mean it is correct"

    Is this a glitch in Mozilla or is it in the preferences section and I just can not find it.

    Anyones help would be greatly appreciated as I am lost as to how to eliminate the problem

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    Contrary to a popular belief stemming from the behavior of a couple browsers running on the Windows platform, alt isn’t an abbreviation for ‘tooltip’ but for ‘alternative’. The value of the alt attribute is a textual replacement for the image and is displayed when the image isn’t.

    Mozilla doesn’t display the alt attribute as a tooltip, because it has been observed that doing so encourages authors to misuse the attribute.

    When the alternative text is shown in a tooltip, some authors write bad alt texts, because they intend the text as auxiliary tooltip text and not as a replacement for the image. (‘Bad’ in the sense that the textual alternative is less useful for people who don’t see the image.)
    When the alternative text is shown in a tooltip, other authors don’t want to supply textual alternatives at all, because they don’t want tooltips to appear. (Again, making things harder for people who don’t see the image.)
    There is another attribute that Mozilla shows as a tooltip: title. In fact, the HTML 4.01 specification suggests that the title attribute may be displayed as a tooltip. However, this particular display method is not required and some other browsers show the title attribute in the browser status bar, for example.

    At this point some people feel compelled to post a “But IE…” rant in the newsgroups or in Bugzilla. Please note that Mac IE 5 behaves in the same way as Mozilla when it comes to the alt and title attributes. Windows IE also shows the title attribute in a tooltip. "

    Mozilla says.

    SEO is not exploiting the engines. SEO is a contextual design matter rather than messing with the links;

    I further say. W3 recommendations are for every one of us.
    best regards;
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    My name is Mike Tyson. I am a new comer and would like to develop my skills regarding back links improvement.

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    nicely said kunter. basically use title and have an alternative specified if for what ever re4ason that the image doesn't come up.

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    The alt tags I am using ARE for image tags
    <img src="path" alt="message ">

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    If the alternative texts show up on the page, well that indicates that something wasn't closed right.

    As noted, alt is an attribute, not a tag. You should not be stuffing your alt attributes with "keywords", there are far better ways to optimize your page. Use relevant and useful alt text, or leave them empty.

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    Example of proper use of the alt and title attribute

    HTML Code:
    <img src="images/bigpig.png" alt="You can't see the pig" title="As you can see this is a pig."

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    Thanks smifis,
    Nice example of Alt and title attribute.

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    Quote: smifis
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    Example of proper use of the alt and title attribute

    HTML Code:
    <img src="images/bigpig.png" alt="You can't see the pig" title="As you can see this is a pig."
    HTML Code:
    <img src="images/bigpig.png" alt="[Wilbur, a large pig]" title="As you can see, Wilbur is a large pig." />
    is more appropriate. Also, for in-line images that have content that is too cumbersome to display in text but still possible, the alt attribute should include that text.
    HTML Code:
    For example, take the following <img src="images/math1.png" alt="definite integral from 7 to 21 of the inverse of the natural log raised to the x + 2 power, with respect to x" title="This is a definite integral." />.  This is a definite integral.
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    Yeah thats a much better example . This is why i don't write tutorials

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