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    web design

    Hello Sir,

    I want to know about the web design online certification courses. Can u tell me what should I do. where my answer I will get it
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    I've seen the following - check them for your own pleasure if they satisfy your curiousty ( not sure sure what budget have you possibly planned for this training ):

    The Google output of the keywords:
    online web design certificate programs

    " I assume half of these links would be false / fake / scum by their natures, since they were intended to be so thanks to the mushrooming SEO people, and more than the remainnig half is also owned by Indian ppl or any vulturing about the arabian countries - since theirs dont feed them, a country whose population are looking to be "web designers" or "translators" if they feel like they are completely desperate or uneducated. Earlier times we had Bollywood now it is Internet I guess who deceive the people's minds. Excuese me I wouldn't like to be tough and talk in this way but I hate the ppl telling lies just because they feel they had to! And trust me these ppl lie too quickly!!
    I respect them less than the least. "

    As to WEB DESIGN, If you ask my opinion, I wouldn't pay money to any courses "before" I do the following:

    0. buy a block notebook, buy two pencils one is red and a sharpener, buy a rubber - if you don't do this step - my friend - stop reading and quit the forum now. Better you learn how to play soccer instead of wasting your precious time in vain here more "easy" money lies in there.

    i. OK - since you did the first part - and I am glad, God the only Lord loves the working man I would head to for beginning my courses. Do this, too, which is for free! See how many different opportunities you would have in that site, including getting online certificates to learning in different areas. When it comes to online certification, there MUCH MUCH more professional sites out there but I am not enlisting them since they can be money-trap for you at these early stages. Choose the HTML learning and follow therewritten steps.

    ii. Make sure you follow your own instructions. If you have some money, buy a REAL BOOK - an HTML reference book. I would suggest you to buy the famous XHTML sourcebook of Ian Graham and a good CSS tutor of the fellow developers Andy Budd or Erik Meyer

    iii. Practice each of the HTML elements spending several months not weeks without getting bored or even tired of repetitions. This would help you understanding the semantics better and let you learn the next markup language which is on the way. Don't forget the internet era is to be closed with a likely new GRID system on horizon - actually the entire global economics is also on the edge and hopefully to be changed very very painfully, but meranwhile, learning and understanding the basics, and the fundamentals are of the highest priority at the time being. This kind of chance won't knock the door every time, the illiterate will be seperated from those the educated.

    iv. Learning the HTML and practising massive CSS on it, I'd be ready for shooting as selection for myself -- heading where to now... a programmer? a visual designer?

    I would never ever care paying anything to the courses promising HTML, Javascript, ASP Photoshop and FLASH all at once .. all in one total lie packets..
    No, they can be real but, you be taking them all in limited time and no big efforts is a big lie understand? - People usually go to have universities for learning some of them

    I'll post a detailed article about how to become a web designer, soon - still editing my assay.

    best regards and good luck..
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    Shahin Samaei

    I am not sure where you are located in, but I would first check online forums on web design, Then perhaps you can take a course for entry level web design in a local school, I know many adult education centers offer courses that makes you familiarize with the process. This will only take a few month and believe me you will not only learn a lot but you will meet people who will point you to the right direction. If after all this you still want to proceed, spend the money, take the course & jump in.

    Best of Luck to you

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    Right. Just do googleing

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    Master CIW Designer Certification will help you to learn develop and maintain web sites using authoring and scripting languages, create content and digital media, and business-to-consumer e-commerce Web sites.

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    Re: web design

    There are many courses available online and also you can get the certificates for those programs. is giving the services on Web Designing. Get by posting your request on Web Designing Category. Providers and professionals will make pr place the bids on your needs.


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