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    Question on video camcorder sound


    I just purchased (and received yesterday, so am REALLY new to this camcorder) a Sony HDR-SR11 camcorder, and was reading up on it when a question came to mind.

    It has the ability to record sound in 5.1 surround format, and that mode is enabled by default. When I did a test video and imported it into Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.0 it did indeed show me 5.1 audio in the timeline.

    My question is this.... How in the world can I get 5.1 audio with ONE built-in microphone on the camcorder?!

    Hopefully this is not a really stupid question, but as what I would consider a relatively knowlegeable person, I'm sorely confused.

    Thanks in advance!
    Sony HDR-SR11 camcorder, FujiFilm FinePix S1Pro digital camera

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    I'm not sure about the Sony but the Panasonic units claim to have 5 tiny mics inside the built-in mic housing. From what I have read one faces forward, two face sorta out to the side and the final two are angled back to capture the L and R rear sound.
    I must admit that if you look at the mic position on either camera it cannot be very effective at all..however they claim it works!!!


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    Thank you for the quick reply. Yeah, not sure how WELL it provides 5.1, but I must admit, the sound quality on this new camera is heads-over-heals above my old one, so I'm not going to complain. Even if it's not REALLY 5.1, it still sounds very good, and that's what counts.

    Thanks again!
    Sony HDR-SR11 camcorder, FujiFilm FinePix S1Pro digital camera

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    Easy way to check:
    1) put camera on tripod in the design center of a 5.1 system
    2) run a sound test on the 5.1 system (either the kind where a tone comes from one speaker at a time or where a voice comes from each speaker reading that speaker's name), record it!
    3) check the audio recorded on the camera, channel-by-channel. Expect some bleed (with echoes and expansion and all) but if it works you should see the related speaker much more pronounced with each channel
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    I don't think there's 5 mini mics on this baby... It's likely an electret condenser with surround coverage, and software (likely by Dolby) is used to average, balance and split sound accordingly, where you will see them during post-production.
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